Mold Is Most Likely To Grow In Your Attic or Basement, Here Is Why

Mold growth is most likely to occur in the attic and basement because these are the places that constantly come in contact with moisture. The rain can enter into your attic when the roof has holes. The moisture in basement is usually caused by rising of the water from underground after a heavy rain.

It takes a long time for moisture in the attic and basement to dry up because of the humid condition and the lack of ventilation. The basement and attic also get very few or no sunlight exposure. The high humidity level and cold temperature encourage condensation to take place on pipes, floor slabs, and wall.

When mold growth occurs in these places, the homeowners will seldom notice it which enable it to spread to a large area quickly. The basement and attic are places that the homeowners seldom go. There are lots of stuff chuck around the attic and basement which makes it hard for the homeowners to notice mold growth. Most homeowners don’t clean their basement so that dirt accumulate and dirt encourage the growth of mold.

Another reason why mold growth is most likely to grow in basement and attic is because these places are prone to flooding. The water will remain for a long time even after the water in other areas of the house has already dried up. Flooding can encourage the growth of toxic black mold that always grow on materials that remain wet for many days.

To prevent mold growth, you must reduce the level of moisture that is in your basement. You have to fix sources of the water damage problem for example leaky ceiling and pipe. If water appear to seep from the wall or flooring, you can hire a professional to fix them. The humidity of the basement should be under 55% to ensure that it is not a suitable environment for mold growth.

You must clean up the basement or attic following the flood. If you clean the house yourself, make sure to remove everything that contains standing water. To dry the wet area, you can use electric fan and dehumidifiers. Wet carpet should be removed and dry outside. Wet drywall must be removed and replaced with new one. You can use detergent to clean up items that have been contaminated by the standing water.

If you don’t want to clean up the home yourself, you can hire a mold remediation company. You can detect mold growth in your basement or attic by the stagnant air and musty odor. Mold usually grow near the moisture so you should look out for water damage signs. It can also grown on organic substances found on insulation, boxes, and wooden furniture. You can You can hire a mold testing