Is Hurricane Irma On A Path Towards Georgia, Will It Create Property Damage

Hurricane Irma is heading to Georgia as a category 3 hurricane and Governor Nathan Deal has already issued evacuation mandates to 30 counties as well as Chatham County and the east and west of Interstate 95. In addition, he has also get ready 5,000 guards from the Georgia National Guard to help the people in case they get stuck in the flood.

Hurricane Irma is a category 3 hurricane and this means that the winds will move at a speed of 111 – 129 mph. As a category 3 hurricane, it has the potential to bring serious damages to the house such as roof flying away, causing big holes in roof, and trees will be snapped and fall on the road. This is the first time in more than a century that Georgia has been hit with a category 3 hurricane. Georgia was last hit by a hurricane in 1898.

There are only a few days more for the residents of Georgia to board up their homes and evacuate the area. The highways are starting to become congested with heavy traffic. An announcement has been made on the I-16 eastbound ramp that it will be closed on 8 a.m. If the local authorities advised you to evacuate, you should do so. You should practice the evacuation route with your family to be able to easily evacuate when there is the need to do so.

Those who live in mobile homes should evacuate the area no matter what because these homes can easily be destroyed by the hurricane wind. People who live in a high floor in the condominium or apartment should also evacuate because the wind is particularly strong and destructive especially at a high elevation. Residents near the coast, waterway, lake or river should also evacuate because the water can quickly rise during heavy rain and cause a flood.

To protect your home from the hurricane, make sure you trim away dead limbs on the trees. You should check your gutter and downspout to see if there is any debris clogging the passage way. It is advised that you install a hurricane proof door and hurricane shutters for the windows. If you don’t want to buy the hurricane shutters, you can fasten plywood to your windows with screws.
If you live in a high-risk flood zone, make sure you have a flood insurance. The flood insurance will protect your building and building content if the flood destroys your home. If you have pets, make sure you update the vaccinations and have a pet carrier to carry them along during evacuation. Besides, you must not forget to prepare an emergency evaluation kit that contains all the essential items such as medications, contact information, food and water, pillows, and sanitary items.