Hurricane Harvey will Bring One of the Worst Flood in History to Texas

Hurricane Harvey will likely put Texas under a high level of flood water as it winds gets stronger on Thursday and upgrades to an even more dangerous hurricane. It is expected that Hurricane Harvey will make its way to Corpus Christi on Saturday morning, before it is expected to settle over the Houston area where it likely to lead to catastrophic flooding.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the Harvey is intensifying at an alarmingly rapid rate and it is going to become a category 3 hurricane soon. Category 3 hurricane refers to a hurricane with winds that travel at a minimum of 111 miles per hour. If this happens, Harvey will be the most devastating storm that take place in USA after Hurricane Wilma which managed to destroy South Florida in 2005.

The officials are near to issuing a mandatory evacuation to the residents in Corpus Christi because of the forecast made by the National Hurricane Center. Mayor Joe McComb said in a new conference that take place in the afternoon that he does not want it to happen that he has to call the police and firefighters to save people that get stuck in the house during the flood.

The storm had traveled at a maximum speed of 85 mph and is currently moving in the direction of northwest at a speed of of 10 mph at 11 p.m.

The hurricane will test how efficient is the Trump administration, that has currently appointed William Brock Long as the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in June.

The National Hurricane Center said that the hurricane is getting increasingly worrying because of the most recent forecast reporting how fast the hurricane is intensifying. Harvey Hurricane is getting worse at a fast rate and it is likely to cause heavy downpour of rain that flood the entire area. This can be no good for residents who are living by the coast of Texas.

Harvey has downgraded itself to a tropical depression and go pass the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico western gulf. However, it has form into a new 15 mile wide eye in the gulf in the noon of Thursday.

After that, it heads northwest at the speed of 10 mph. At this point, the wind has slow down and this gives time for it to draw energy from the Mexican Gulf. It is expected that the hurricane wind will travel at a speed of 125 mph and the sea could rise up to 12 foot.

The hurricane center has forecast that the hurricane storm will cause heavy rain on the area along the Texas coast for a number of days. This could be the worse hurricane storm in many years and some of the areas in Texas is expected to experience flood water as high as 35 inches.

They also forecast that the hurricane will head to Houston and New Orleans by next week.

Marshall Shepherd, the ex-president for American Meteorological Society tweeted that he is not exaggerating but he believes Harvey is going to bring a major flood.

Bill Read said that the hurricane storm is expected to a major one and parents will be able to tell it to their grand children.

The officials in Corpus Christi is panic when they learn about the hurricane intensifying news on Thursday but they decide not to issue a mandatory evacuation warning first.

They did not want to make the mandatory evacuation announcement first but they are strongly encouraging the residents to evacuate the are and move to a safer place.
Samuel Neal, the Nueces County Judge, feel that it is not the right time yet for issuing the mandatory evacuation as such announcement is only made when it gets really serious.

He said that he will only make the mandatory evacuation announcement when the storm situation becomes urgent as it is going to affect people who are still staying in the area to carry out their business activities.

The preemptive state of disaster announcement has been issued in 30 counties in Texas by Gov. Greg Abbott. Harris County has the fourth highest number of population in the USA is one of the countries where the preemptive state of disaster announcement is issued. Charles Bujan, major of Port Aransas in Texas encourages everyone to evacuate the area and the exception is for those who have taken up the job of an emergency responder.

Long emphasized that both local and state officials must improve their efficiency in handling emergencies. They must understand that handling an emergency of natural disasters is not just the job of federal government.

Long told the residents that they are the ones that can save themselves in the crisis and should not be waiting for the responder to come to help them.

He said that the people need to know that they have to take heed of the announcement and make preparation as instructed without delaying.

Harvey will be the worst hurricane to affect Texas following Ike, a Category 2 storm bring heavy rain downpour in the September 2008. Hurricane Ike has caused damages that worth tens of billions of dollars to the buildings.