How to Clean Up and Disinfect Your Facility for COVID-19

COVID-19 is the new virus that is putting fear in everyone. Many shops have to shut down, and working people are forced to stay at home. Healthcare facility is one of the few businesses that is allowed to operate as usual to help people sick from the virus. With so many sick patients going in and out, it is important that they take the initiative to clean and disinfect their facility. The following are 4 tips on how to clean up and disinfect your facility from COVID-19.

1. Establish a Cleaning Program
The healthcare facility should have a cleaning program in place for different areas. In each procedure, it should include instruction on the janitor that is responsible on that day, the cleaning products that are to be used, and the surfaces that are to be cleaned. The program should also include information on how the cleaning staff can avoid cross contamination. The company should stock up all the necessary equipment in line with the cleaning program. These include germicidal disinfectant, face masks, gloves, apron, gown, and waste bags.

2. Use EPA Approved Detergent for Cleaning
All the exposed surfaces including table, door knob, toilet, and sink should be cleaned with an EPA approved detergent and water solution or household bleach. EPA recommends using products that have been proven effectiveness against similar viruses such as influenza and norovirus. Detergent that is expired will not be effective against coronaviruses. During cleaning, make sure the window is opened to allow adequate ventilation. The solution is to be left on the surface for 1 minute before wiping dry.

3. Laundering Dirty Laundry of Sick Person
The clothes, linens, and towels are the main items that can spread germs so they should be laundered promptly. When handling laundry of a sick person, you will want to wear gloves to add a layer of protection. Dirty laundry from a sick person should be laundered separately to prevent the spreading of germs. All areas that are contacted by people sick with coronavirus should be cleaned and disinfected including laterine, remote controls, and touch screens. There is no need for further cleaning after more than 7 days the sick person had visited the facility.

4. Educate Employees about Proper Cleaning Procedure
Every healthcare facility should offer complete education to the workers from cleaning to garbage disposal. They should also be taught to reognize symptoms of Covid-19 virus if they fall ill while cleaning the facility. Employees should be trained on how to use cleaning chemicals according to the OSHA standard. The facility should have a written policy on the procedures of the cleaning program. It should also provide information about how often they will update the policy.